f Frequently Asked Questions (TvTap Application)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download TvTap application?

Open TvTap official website http://www.tvtap.world from your mobile phone. Click on download button.

TvTap is totally free to use. You do not need to pay single penny to use this application. If somebody is charging to use TvTap application the report us.

Yes you can use TvTap application on your android box. Make sure you are downloading Fire stick version into your android box.

There are different ways to install android applications on fire stick device.
The easiest way is to download "FireDL" application into your fire stick device from amazon store.
Open "FireDL" application & search 131258 & it will be installed in next moment.

Yes! When you play any stream, you'll see casting icon on the top of player. Press it & stream will be casted to your TV.

Currently TvTap works only on android based devices. We are not offering TvTap on kodi.

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